About Gateway Talent Management

History of Gateway Talent Management

Created in May 2008 its objective was to deliver its customers with a cost effective talent management solution that incorporated the client company’s values and corporate identity to ensure that the candidate experience was representative of the company they had applied to work for.

This is achieved by tailoring a service to a customer’s individual needs and by retaining only the highest quality recruiters to own the relationship.

Gateway Talent Management secured its 1st client on inception and to date we have filled many hundred of sales, marketing and clinical vacancies ranging from Executive VP though to Business Manager and territory sales or Associate. To date Gateway Talent Management has delivered tailored solutions with two of the largest Medical Device companies in the world.

Our Area of Expertise

Gateway Talent Management retains internally a depth of knowledge of the Medical Device sector that is not found in other RPO service providers. This key strength is central to its success and longevity of relationships with its customers. This strength means that the account management team can effectively navigate the deeply complex sector with credibility. This credibility enables the team to build real networks rather than being reliant upon “online connections”, extensive online advertising or other medical recruiters. The net result being lower cost hiring, faster time to hire and a higher value candidate experience.